Recreational Activities Program

Our active recreational program provides opportunities for our children to participate in organized sporting events, art classes, social programs such as cadets, cubs, chess and occasional activities such as swimming, hiking, skating, tobogganing etc.

Skating Snowboarding
Baseball Soccer Basketball

Furthermore it offers the children an opportunity to experience different cities, climates, time zones, environments and more as they enjoy being part of our extensive travels.

During vacations many of our activities involve camping and traveling.

When camping, the children can enjoy that special atmosphere an evening campfire creates while they chew on roasted marshmallows. During the day they can explore nature and observe some of the wildlife they may encounter while playing, walking, hiking, fishing or swimming. They have an opportunity to experience the excitement when they are able to return to camp with some fish they just caught. This often adds a special flavour to a meal.

River Ride Canada's Wonderland Myrtle Beach

Traveling to another country is of special interest to our children and speaks to their imagination. Visiting the USA they are able to experience new surroundings, different climates and cultures. Besides the recreational there is therefore also an important educational factor associated with traveling. It fascinates the children when they can enjoy being at the beach and getting wet in the ocean at Myrtle Beach while it is mid-winter at home.

The experience of visiting New York City still beats the imagination. When the journey takes them to Florida they enjoy their new surroundings and the differences they experience compared to being at home. The children are thrilled when they have an opportunity to visit Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Kennedy Space Centre or experience some of the other attractions and for them a palm tree belongs in that category.

Getting soaked at Sea World Florida Show at Sea World Florida
Disney World Florida Universal Studios Florida